Ashtray Bridge 2

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Conventional ashtrays usually have a round shape. This ashtray breaks new ground and sets clear design accents with its unusual, angular shape. Two U-profiles are used as storage space, which are placed opposite each other and thus offer space for enjoying at least 2 cigars or cigarettes at the same time.

The ash is caught by the border.

The "Bridge 2" ashtray is perfectly manufactured from an aluminum block using a CNC milling machine and then anodised in the selected color. Made in Germany.

Color: Black
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Our aluminum ashtray "Bridge 2" embodies the synthesis of design and Functionality in a unique accessory. Carefully crafted through a CNC milling machine and then anodized, this is Ashtray not only a practical smoking utensil, but also a A work of art that meets the highest aesthetic standards. With his angular shape, its individuality as a one-off and its special Focused on the enjoyment of cigars, this ashtray speaks one exclusive clientele. The shape of the ashtray was specially designed to stylish accompaniment to cigar enjoyment. The shelf allows for that Putting down and tapping off cigar ash. This ashtray is suitable as a design product and unique excellent as an exclusive gift for people who love exquisite Appreciate smoking experiences. Made in Germany.