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The porcelain ashtray, handmade as a one-off with a cigar-centric shelf, embodies the combination of art and enjoyment. This elegant design piece sets a new standard for cigar enjoyment and underlines the beauty of smoking.

The ashtray is primarily designed for cigars, but is of course also ideal for enjoying cigarettes. Thanks to its large capacity, this cigar ashtray offers plenty of space and thanks to the generous border, the ash stays where it belongs: inside the ashtray.

Due to the production of high-quality German hard porcelain, cleaning in a dishwasher is also possible without any problems. Alternatively, the ashtray can also simply be cleaned under running water.

All unique and carefully handcrafted. Made in Germany.

Color: Blue
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Our porcelain ashtray "Fly" combines refined design and craftsmanship
Mastery and supreme smoking pleasure. Each copy is an individual one-off, made by hand and with a special tray
equipped for cigars. This design product exudes elegance and creates a sophisticated atmosphere for those who stop smoking
celebrate a cigar as a true pleasure experience. Made in Germany and easy to clean, this ashtray meets the highest quality standards. Our ashtray is made of fine china, known for its elegance
and known fragility. This gives the ashtray a sophisticated aesthetic and a high-quality feel. The ashtray has a specially designed shelf for cigars, which not only serves as a practical support, but also presents the cigar in style. As a unique and design product, this ashtray is a perfect gift for cigar lovers who appreciate something special.


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26.00 x 7.60 x 14.30 cm