Discover the timeless elegance of our handmade porcelain vases, which are made in small German factories with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each vase is unique and impresses with its individual design and excellent workmanship.

Our porcelain vases not only serve as functional vessels for flowers, but are also exquisite decorative objects that will beautifully enhance your home or workspace. The carefully crafted shapes and delicate details add a special touch to any room, while the vases themselves become sculptures in their own right, drawing admiring glances.


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Vase SwirlingVase Swirling
Vase Swirling Sale price€11,00
Vase SculptVase Sculpt
Vase Sculpt Sale price€13,00
Vase PatternVase Pattern
Vase Pattern Sale price€14,00
Vase OvalisVase Ovalis
Vase Ovalis Sale price€9,00
Vase ElysianVase Elysian
Vase Elysian Sale price€9,00
Vase Pure EleganzVase Pure Eleganz
Vase Lined EleganceVase Lined Elegance
Vase Konus in GrauVase Konus in Grau
Vase Linear EleganceVase Linear Elegance
Vase Spire EleganceVase Spire Elegance
Vase Recess in Beige Hell
Vase Recess in Beige DunkelVase Recess in Beige Dunkel
Vase Recess in WeißVase Recess in Weiß
Sold out
Vase Vertical Harmony in GrauVase Vertical Harmony in Grau
Vase Vertical Harmony in WeißVase Vertical Harmony in Weiß
Vase EleganzVase Eleganz
Vase Eleganz Sale price€16,00
Sold out
Vase HarmoniaVase Harmonia
Vase Harmonia Sale price€17,00
Sold out
Vase HarmonieVase Harmonie
Vase Harmonie Sale price€17,00
Vase Pure Eleganz in Beige
Vase Elysian in BeigeVase Elysian in Beige
Vase Ovalis in BeigeVase Ovalis in Beige
Set Vase Edge medium + Stem Sale price€129,00
Vase Morph#farbe_weiß
Vase Morph Sale price€69,00
Vase Stem Sale price€69,00
Vase Ribbon Sale priceFrom €89,00
Vase Edge Sale priceFrom €69,00