Add a new dimension of sophistication to your smoking experience with our unique ashtray, artfully crafted from porcelain, aluminum or concrete. Each individual ashtray is truly unique, carefully handcrafted in small German factories to meet the highest standards of design and quality.

The joy of smoking is expressively underlined by the presence of our ashtray. Designed to turn the act of smoking into a meditative moment of relaxation, our ashtray invites you to consciously indulge while presenting yourself in style.

Share this joy with friends as well, whether at social gatherings at home or during relaxing breaks from work.


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Ashtray Fly#farbe_grau
Ashtray Fly Sale price€129,00
Aschenbecher Fly in WeißAschenbecher Fly in Weiß
Aschenbecher Fly in OrangeAschenbecher Fly in Orange
Aschenbecher Fly in GrauAschenbecher Fly in Grau
Aschenbecher Fly in BlauAschenbecher Fly in Blau
Aschenbecher Fly in RotAschenbecher Fly in Rot
Aschenbecher Fly in Grün
Aschenbecher Fly in Schwarz
Ashtray Fly concreteAshtray Fly concrete
Sold out
Ashtray Plain ConcreteAshtray Plain Concrete
Ashtray Bridge 2 Sale price€229,00
#farbe_grauSet ashtray Fly + Vase Morph
Set ashtray Fly + Vase Morph Sale price€169,00