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The "Stem" pen holder is made of high-strength design concrete. With its vertical struts, the pen holder sets new accents and new design possibilities.

Looking at the object you can daydream because it gives to new ideas. The pen holder in different colors conveys warmth and confidence.

Each piece in this collection is a handmade one-off that impresses with its special little quirks and individual characteristics.

Its meticulously handcrafted work will ensure long-lasting enjoyment.

All unique items made in Kelkheim (Taunus).

Color: Gray
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The "Stem" pen holder is an extraordinary pen holder made of high-quality design concrete. Each copy of this holder is unique and is handmade by experienced artisans in Germany. With its special vertical strut structure, small quirks and special design, it embodies modern elegance and precision craftsmanship.

These imperfections are deliberately incorporated and give each pen holder a characterful touch.




8.50 x 12.50 x 8.50 cm



High-strength design concrete